Malattie degenerative, intolleranze alimentari, allergie in aumento. Malessere o Buona Salute?
They affect adults and children. The causes are often due to an environment, a polluting agriculture, foods without vitality, a wrong lifestyle.
It becomes increasingly urgent to move towards a healthy diet, which helps to prevent and treat.
Healty means to eat with healthy products, grown in respect of the earth, the environment, man. How to become your own personal guide to find a suitable diet that really nourishes, that generates vital forces for our body and our spirit? How to be sure of the quality of the products?
Do you judge the apparence?
Undoubtedly the eye wants its part, but the most decisive consideration is on the palate: fragrance, taste, flavor, consistency; they are part of Italian cuisine.
But are you aware of the processing processes that suffered that product? Being aware of it will also be your right ...
Consumer law: knowing many truths
We are well documented about products derived from cereals and legumes. It is our intention to inform people about hidden truths: this has brought with great force the birth of the Bioland Company.
A small story, but a great truth
The misinformation that we have encountered in the past of many doctors, the increasingly growing information on the processing of crops of conventional products and all the transformations undergone, has led us with great effort to create products of "high niche", the result of so much experience on "hidden truths", a "homemade product" that takes care and substantially prevents modern diseases.
Our company returns to the ancient flavors offering the consumer a product with accurate methods of organic cultivation (rotation of cultures), starting from the high quality, guaranteed by raw materials of ancient varieties and persevering transformations that make the product fragrant and rich in nutrition, completely guaranteed and certified.
The idea was born substantially to improve the standard of living for the benefit of a high physical and healthy well-being.
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Good earth gives the best of itself only in its most natural and accurate process, ensuring its taste and taste.
Good seed does not alter any individual, if it has not been previously modified.
Ex: the seedless mandarin (GMO) is sterile, it brings sterility to the individual who swallows this product.
Genetics used for food raise other problems, and to solve them, we need other studies to cure degenerative diseases. This is the world around us ...


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