Collection of fidelity points


On our site you can benefit from the fidelity points collection!

Every 40 euros spent, you will be entitled to 1 point equivalent to 2.00 euros, which can be consumed already from the next order (eg on an order of 160 euros will automatically accumulate 4 points = 8.00 euros to be consumed on the next order ).
Discount on whole cartons

The carton discount is 10% on the product categories as follows:

- Minimum order of all the PASTA 12pz

 - Minimum quantity of all the FLOUR 15 pcs

 - Minimum order of LEGUMES and CEREALS 20pz

In addition to the discount on cartons and the fidelity points collection, additional discounts can be applied to:
 - Solidarity Purchase Groups (GAS)

 - Dealers

 - Ovens, bakeries, pasta factories

 - Restaurants

To know the discounts you can register and you will be contacted, or call us at 0803252596

For orders over 100kg a more detailed estimate will be sent as soon as possible before making the payment.

All discounts are cumulative